Amaggi Europe B.V. aims to commercialize grains, oilseeds and derivates from South-American countries. As a result of close contacts with large originating companies, Amaggi Europe is able to offer a wide range of GMO and Non-GMO products. Customers of Amaggi Europe are mainly located in Europe and its surrounding countries.

The quality and feed safety of our products is very important. To ensure the quality of our products, Amaggi Europe has set up a Quality Team. This team is responsible for monitoring and analyzing of suppliers and their products. Results are registered in the Quality Management System.

The company is GMP+ certified for the trading, storage and distribution of feed ingredients.

We do our utmost to guarantee the quality and safety of our products. If any irregularities are discovered in products delivered by Amaggi Europe, please contact our Quality Team as soon as possible at or call +31(0)10 2175610.